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Jeff Hendler, owner of J.D. Hendler / Associates, has years of experience providing educational seminars and workshops. Residing in Pasco, Washington, in the great Pacific Northwest, his annual trek of two hundred plus thousand air miles take him literally world wide. 

A continuous motion, Jeff Hendler has addressed many national conventions for a multitude of worldwide industries, as well as speaking at more than sixty different events per year since 1983. Utilizing the skills of humor and magic, his presentation entertains, motivates, stimulates, and educates the listener. 

Entwined within these skills of educating, is the added value of Jeff's golfing abilities. A member of the Professional Golfer's Association of America (PGA), he is a master at hosting golf clinics, golf outings, or simply helping his audience to better understand the propulsion of a golf ball. Yes, he can help your slice! 

Mr. Hendler holds Degrees in Communications, English, Philosophy, and Education but in a word, his background and educational philosophy could be coined "street smart".

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